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      Contact  |   WeChat  |   QQ  |   中文 Welcome to Cinogen cosmetics !
      • Former Zhaoqing Henkel(Germany)cosmetics co.,ltd.
      • German engineering heritage, a full set of German equipment
      • Vanguard, Carrefour,Walgreens, Hello Kitty, Tesco, Wal-Mart's strategic partner
      "To create a high-quanlity professional service team,dedicated to setting up your brand"

      95% of raw material imported,long-term cooperation with foreign upsteam suppliers of raw material,to ensure the purity and safety of quality at the source.

      experienced senior experts, mastering German care technology, specializing in research and development of new technology and new techniques

      laboratory with the emulsifying device imported from Germany,to ensure the consistency in the quality of samples and products

      The equiment imported from Germany,
      • advanced equiment
        the former of Germany Henkel (Zhaoqing) cosmetics factory, with the emulsifying device imported from Germany.Vacuum emulsifying equipment meets the demand of your production
      • aseptic workshop
        Automatic ozone device, cosmetic packaging materials to ensure clean and sterile, and for the product Quality assurance to provide a good environment.
      • filling workshop
        Equipping with pneumatic filling machine,high-precision electronic balance and aseptic production line.Air detection system in full accordance with GMPC standard,to ensure safety, accuracy and asepsis of production
      • Provide professional consultating service of marketing planning
      • assist customers in design and planning of product
      • help customers register trademark
      • services of store and transport management
      • provide agency services of quality and hygeian inspection
      • provide professional consultating service of production technology
      • more professional in semi-finished,finished products and packaging inspection
      • provide agency service of application of barcode from article numbering center of China
      • high efficience
        first-class flow process line, technology and management experience
      • high quality
        get the quality system certification of ISO9001,to ensure high efficient and safe production
      • cost-effictive
        long-term cooperation with foreign upsteam suppliers of raw material
      • quick delivery
        after proofing comfirmation and package material ready, can delivery about a week
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      Address(Marketing centre):Room 303,building 2,Area C,Wanda Plaza, Baiyun District,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,China
      TEL:13760011381 13929889793